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I'm directing a staged reading of a new play by James Baker about Jack the Ripper's victims. The reading will be held at the AMT Theater, 354 W. 45th St. at 2:00 on Wednesday, February 22nd.

Gil Brady, Jim Baker To Present Staged Reading of


The play details the relationships and the terror of the five prostitutes murdered by one of history's most well-known and elusive serial killers, Jack the Ripper.

by A.A. Cristi Feb. 14, 2023

Gil Brady (Sideways, Shear Madness off-Broadway, associate producer at AMT) and Jim Baker will present a staged reading of the new play HIDDEN SHADOWS: THE WHITECHAPEL FIVE based on the story of Jack The Ripper and his most infamous victims at AMT Theatre on February 22nd at 2:00 PM.

The play, conceived by the late K.C. Wilson and completed by collaborator Jim Baker, examines the relationships of the five prostitutes, the social injustices inflicted upon them, and the sudden violence and horror brought about by one of history's most well-known and elusive serial killers in The Whitechapel district of London in 1888. Debra Whitfield (The Shaw Project, Chatillion Stage Company) will direct.

The cast includes: Stacey Harris (Bells Are Ringing), Annie Edgerton (Mamma Mia), Jenny Strassburg (Life Sucks), Lara Hayhurst Compton (Bye Bye Birdie Nat'l Tour), Brian Ray Norris (The SpongeBob Musical), Andy Prosky (King Lear- Lincoln Center), Eve O'Brien (Law and Order: SVU), Dana Aber (Baggage at the Door), Dan Fenaughty (39 Steps Nat'l Tour), Justin R.G. Holcomb (The Blacklist) and Michael Reilly (An Unbalanced Mind at AMT).

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