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TECH SUPPORT  had its Off-Broadway premiere from August 29–September 21, 2019 at 59E59 Theaters. 

59E59 Theaters – A Unique Show that 
Entertains and Charms 


by Marina Kennedy 9/6/19 

This clever and wonderfully performed romantic comedy offers a stark contrast between our modern age and times past. 

The talented, accomplished cast brings Debra Whitfield's unique and entertaining show to life with humor and heart. 

For anyone who is even occasionally frustrated by the increase of technology in their everyday life, and longs for a simpler time, the themes expressed in TECH SUPPORT will be appreciated and enjoyed. See the show while you can on the Upper East Side Stage. 

TECH SUPPORT is a Charming Look at New vs Old 

Times Square Chronicles 

by Suzanna Bowling September 5, 2019 

Last night at 59E59 Theaters, a charming lighthearted look at how technology has overrun our lives and our souls, opened in the form of TECH SUPPORT. Written and directed by Debra Whitfield, this play felt like a 1940’s romantic comedy, where love always saves the day. 


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The cast is extremely talented with Margot White leading the way. Her chemistry with Ryan Avalos, makes us root for this couple the whole way through. Mark Lotito’s comedic transitions of all the men who own the boarding house is amusing, as he embodies the era’s transitions. 


The set by Natalie Taylor Hart, is clever and really uses the space perfectly. Also the projection design by Elliot Forrest, sound design by Ed Matthew and lighting design by Deborah Constantine are well done. 


This production is done by the Chatillion Stage Company, whose play FIRE also gained a rave review. This company really puts on well thought out plays that embrace the past. 


What makes Ms. Whitfield’s play so charming, is that it blends old philosophies with new. Her direction, as well as her writing, makes this a piece that takes us out of our present day drama and allows us to escape, if just for an hour and 20 minutes. 


Broadway Radio


with Peter Filichia 9/1/19 


Beautifully, wonderfully, terrifically played by Margot White. A phenomenal performance: endearing, funny, sincere. 


Ryan Avalos is a tremendous new discovery, a real find, terrific. 


TECH SUPPORT has a future. I do think we may be seeing TECH SUPPORT in 20 years because it’s that good a play! 


Ethan Kanfer Theatre Reviews TECH SUPPORT 9/19/19 


The once popular time-travel-meets-romance subgenre is due for a 21st Century reboot, and playwright/director Debra Whitfield is just the person to do it. 


Bringing a decidedly contemporary sensibility to her era-hopping heroine’s search for fulfillment, Whitfield examines both our gadget- addicted society and the evolution of women’s rights over the past century. 


Both in her script and direction, Whitfield wrings laughs and tenderness out of the culture clash between her FOMO-driven protagonist and the practitioners of a more thoughtfully-paced way of life. 


The cast, anchored by Margot White’s endearing Pamela, bring warmth and wit to their sociological and personal arcs. The story’s journey through history is made colorful and convincing by the well- researched and visually appealing achievements of the gifted design team. 

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